Table 2: List of commercial polymeric scaffolds’ products.

PolymerPropertyBiomedical applicationTrade name

PGARegenerate biological tissue [121]First biodegradable synthetic suture in 1969DEXON
Good mechanical properties [122]Bone internal fixation devicesBiofix

PLLAGood tensile strengthOrthopaedic fixation devicesBio-Anchor, Meniscal Stinger, The Clearfix Meniscal Dart
Improved suture [123]High-strength fibers (FDA approved at 1971)DEXON
Nondegradable fibers [124]Ligament replacement or augmentation devicesDacron
Fiber-based devices [125]Blood vessel conduits
Injectable formPeople with human immunodeficiency virus or correction of facial fat loss

PLDLABetter property modulation [126]Bioresorbable implant materialResomer

PLGAHigh degradationMultifilament sutureVicryl, Vicryl Rapid & CRYL
Form of meshesSkin graftVicryl Mesh

PLGA-collagenMatrixTissue regeneration membraneCYTOPLAST Resorb

PLGAProstate cancerDrug delivery vehicleLUPRON DEPOT
First commercially developed monofilament suture (1980)PDS

PDSFixation screws for small bone and osteochondral fragmentsOrthopaedic applicationsPins

PCLLong-term zero-order release [26]Long-term contraceptive deviceCapronor

PDLLA-CLFibers less stiffMonofilament sutureMONACRYL

PGCL, PLCL, and PEGBioresorbable multiblockDrug delivery vehicle for small, and medium-sized biologically active moleculesSynBiosys

PCLTMCmultiblockFlexible suture materialsMaxon
and PGCLOrthopaedic tacks and screwsAcufex

PHBHVPiezoelectricity property [127]Bone pins and plates and drug delivery

PEUHigh porous & no adverse effect [128]Tissue engineering applicationDegrapol

LDI-based PUInjectable & good mechanical property [129]Orthopaedic applications & bone cementPolynova

PEAsPotential bioresorbable suture materialsSite-specific delivery of small hydrophobic drugs and peptidesCAMEO

POEHydrophobic, surface eroding [130]Drug delivery applications and ocular applicationsAlzamer

PolyanhydridesSurface erosion & biocompatibility Evaluations [131]Chemotherapeutic, brain cancer (FDA approved)Gliadel

PCAAbsorb or encapsulate a wide range of drug or protein molecules [132]First biodegradable polymers used for developing nanoparticles for drug delivery application
Synthetic surgical glue, skin adhesive, and an embolic materialTissue adhesives for topical skin application (FDA approved)Dermabond
Major component of skin and other musculoskeletal tissues [133]Bilayer skin substitute (FDA approved)Integra Dermal Regeneration Template
Wound dressingsBiobrane &Alloderm

CollagenScaffolds for cardiovascular, musculoskeletal & nervous tissue engineering [133]Bioengineered skin equivalentsTransCyte

HAPromote angiogenesis [134]Wound dressing applicationHYAFF
Sponge as a carrier vehicle for osteoinductive protein [135]Synthetic bone graftOSSIGEL

HMW viscous HAInjectable soft tissue fillers [136]Corneal transplantation and glaucoma surgeryAMVISC & AMVISC Plus

Viscous HASynovial fluid substitute [137]To relieve pain and improve join mobility in osteoarthritis patientsSYNVISC,ORTHOVISC