International Journal of Polymer Science / 2012 / Article / Tab 1

Review Article

Scaffolds for Growth Factor Delivery as Applied to Bone Tissue Engineering

Table 1

Desirable characteristics of drug-eluting scaffolds adapted and updated from [24].

Desirable characteristics of growth factor-eluting scaffolds (adapted from [24])

Low immunogenic and antigenic response.
Controllable breakdown into benign biodegradable products occurring contemporaneously with new bone formation.
Good mechanical properties during breakdown, while retaining a porous structure capable of cellular infiltration
Good “biocompatibility”*.
Ability to load a growth factor with high efficiency and elute a therapeutical dosage over a sustained period of time relevant to the application.
Ability to be readily sterilised without either loss of mechanical function or denaturation of delivered drug.
Adaptability to wound site, surgical malleability.
Relatively long shelf-life, allowing for ease of access to a surgeon.

*We use the Williams definition of “biocompatibility” found in [38].