Table 1: Fractionation data for Chitosan-polyester blends obtained at various temperatures. CPL1 blend contains 40 wt% of chitosan. CPLG and CPL2 blends contain 60 wt% of chitosan.

Sample codeaWeight of the sample (g)Insoluble in 4% HCOOH fraction (enriched with PLLA) (g/wt%)Soluble fractionb (enriched with chitosan) (g/wt%) weight of fractions (g)Loss (wt%)

CPLG (60)1.70300.5097/29.91.0414/61.21.55118.9
CPL1 (50)0.73680.5073/68.90.1996/27.10.70694.0
CPL1 (100)0.97540.6074/62.30.3340/34.20.94143.5
CPL2 (100)1.06470.4571/42.90.5828/54.71.03992.3
CPL1 (110)1.18240.7715/65.30.3609/30.51.13244.2
CPL1 (130)0.82930.4985/60.10.2314/27.90.729912.0
CPL2 (130)1.06440.4565/42.90.5630/52.91.01954.2
CPL2 (150)1.04780.4487/42.80.5572/53.21.00594.0

aIn brackets the temperature of processing of a corresponding mix in extruder is specified.
bWeight of precipitated with 5% NH4OH fraction.