Table 2: Column structure of polydendrons.

PolymersGeneration numberDensitya (g/cm3)2θ b (deg)d spacingc (Å)Column diameter
WAXSd (Å)Calcde (Å)


a Determined by floating method containing error of ±0.005.
bCrystalline peak of the wide-angle X-ray scattering (WAXS) of the polymers.
c Estimated from 2θ.
d Estimated from d (column diameter = 2d/3).
e Estimated from molecular modeling, which was performed as described in text. (The molecular modeling was performed on the assumption of a fully extended conformation for side-chain monodendronsn and distorted cis-transoid main chain conformation (dihedral angle = 130 deg), as described in [7].)