International Journal of Polymer Science / 2015 / Article / Tab 7

Research Article

Mixture Design Approach on the Physical Properties of Lignin-Resorcinol-Formaldehyde Xerogels

Table 7

Position and attribution of the IR absorption bands for lignin and xerogels.

Wavenumber (cm1)Band attribution

3412–3012 (OH)
2850–3006 (CH2)
2850 (CH2) in aromatic methoxy groups
1710 (C=O) not conjugated
1670 (C=O) conjugated ketones
1594–1613 (C=C) aromatic rings
1510 (C=C) aromatic rings
1460 (CH2) and (CH3)
1420 (scissors) (CH2) and (CH3)
1375 (CH3)
1330 (CH2) and (O–H)
1262 (C–O)
1220 (C–O)
1080 (C–O) in secondary alcohols and aliphatic ethers
1034 (C–O–C)
810–902 (C–H) out of plane of aromatic rings and (C–C) in rings

: stretch; : deformation; : rocking; sy: symmetrical; as: asymmetrical; s: shoulder; l: exclusive peak for lignin; x: exclusive peak for xerogels.