International Journal of Polymer Science / 2019 / Article / Fig 13

Review Article

Polymers for Regenerative Medicine Structures Made via Multiphoton 3D Lithography

Figure 13

(a) A gradient chainmail-like structure which could be used as a mechanically flexible scaffold while still being made out of hard material. The mm scale size is sufficient for usage in real clinical trials. It is important to note that it was done using a galvo scanner and linear stage synchronization allowing to avoid stitching. It would have been detrimental to the mechanical quality of the structure (Adapted with permission from [6] © The Optical Society.). (b) Burr-like ball seeded with cells. Due to the geometry of the structure and hook-like outer ends, multiples of such objects can join together in the wound forming a shape-replicating structure (Reproduced from [113], with the permission of American Vacuum Society.). (c) Example of a passive microvalve allowing the flow of liquid only in one direction. Enhanced and custom-tuned objects of this kind could potentially be used in the veins to replace worn out biological analogs (adopted from [110]).