International Journal of Polymer Science / 2019 / Article / Fig 2

Review Article

Polymers for Regenerative Medicine Structures Made via Multiphoton 3D Lithography

Figure 2

Schematics of radical and cation polymerization reactions initiated by one-photon absorption. hν: absorbed photon; R and B: free radicals; M: monomer; Mn+1R and A-M+n+1: neutral and cationic macroradicals, respectively; Q: quencher; (A-B)+: cationic initiator; A+: cationic radical; AH+: protonized cation; RH and A: neutral molecules; H+: proton; H-M+: protonized monomer; H-M+n+1: protonized polymer; X: counterion. Red markings show the active ingredient that is either causing the reaction or the result of it.