Research Article

A Comparison of the Modified Score for the Assessment of Chronic Rheumatoid Affections of the Hands and the Australian/Canadian Osteoarthritis Hand Index in Hand Osteoarthritis Patients

Table 2

Items and results of the M-SACRAH. (Identical questions in both questionnaires are given in italics.)

Domain question mean (SEM)

Locking/unlocking of a door21.9 (2.6)
Buttoning and unbuttoning shirt/blouse31.1 (3.2)
Turning the water tap28.1 (3.1)
Fastening or unfastening a zip24.1 (3.0)
Tying shoelaces28.4 (3.3)
Unscrewing cap of a tube of toothpaste 26.7 (2.9)
Turning the pages of a newspaper18.9 (2.3)
Writing24.0 (2.8)

Morning stiffness53.8 (3.6)
Stiffness later in the day following inactivity31.3 (3.1)

Pain during intensive work47.7 (3.6)
Pain at times of inactivity39.6 (3.5)