Research Article

A Comparison of the Modified Score for the Assessment of Chronic Rheumatoid Affections of the Hands and the Australian/Canadian Osteoarthritis Hand Index in Hand Osteoarthritis Patients

Table 6

Principal component analysis of the M-SACRAH items. Rotated component matrix (item loading).

QuestionComponent 1Component 2Component 3

M-SACRAH 10.530.0030.949
M-SACRAH 20.6020.5110.41
M-SACRAH 30.6870.3280.237
M-SACRAH 40.7850.2460.002
M-SACRAH 50.6480.3640.031
M-SACRAH 60.6860.3830.328
M-SACRAH 70.845−0.048−0.022
M-SACRAH 80.765−0.016−0.024
M-SACRAH 90.1860.8080.051
M-SACRAH 100.2010.790−0.061
M-SACRAH 110.4960.5870.134
M-SACRAH 12−0.200.8880.044

Extraction method: principal component analysis.Rotation method: varimax with Kaiser normalization.The backgroud indicates questions loading on the same factor.