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Controversies on Rituximab Therapy in Sjögren Syndrome-Associated Lymphoproliferation

Table 1

Patients with SS and lymphoma treated with rituximab.

Author, yearsN. of ptsType of lymphoma/bone marrow involvementAnn Arbor StageResponse on lymphomaOther concomitant treatments for lymphoma

Shih, 20021Parotid gland MALT-type/noIEYesNo

Somer, 20031Parotid gland MALT-type/noIEYesNo

Voulgarelis, 2004*4(1) Salivary gland MALT-type/yes*IVYes(1) CHOP
(2) Nodal marginal zone/no*IIEYes(2) CHOP
(3) Pulmonary MALT-type/yes*IVYes(3) CHOP
(4) Salivary gland MALT-type/yes*IVYes(4) CHOP

Harner, 20041Nodal marginal zone/Pulmonary MALT-type/noIIEYesNo

Ramos-Casals, 20042(1) Ovarian MALT-type/yesIVYes(1) CHOP
(2) Ocular MALT-type/yesIVYes(2) Local radiotherapy

Pijpe, 20051Parotid gland MALT-type/noIEYesNo

Gottenberg, 2005#2(1) Digestive tract MALT-type/no#IEYes(1) MP , HQ
(2) Salivary gland MALT-type/no#IENo(2) No

Pijpe, 20057(1) Parotid gland MALT-type/noIENo(1) No
(2) Parotid gland MALT-type/noIENo(2) PDN 15 mg/day
(3) Parotid gland MALT-type/noIEYes(3) No
(4) Parotid gland MALT-type/noIEYes(4) No
(5) Parotid gland MALT-type/noIENo(5) PDN 7.5 mg/day, MTX
(6) Parotid gland MALT-type/noIEYes(6) PDN 5 mg/day, AZA
(7) Parotid gland MALT-type/noIENo(7) No

Voulgarelis, 2006*6(1) Nodal marginal zone/noIIYes(1) CHOP
(2) DLBCL/noIIYes(2) CHOP
(3) Salivary gland MALT-type/yes*IVYes(3) CHOP
(4) Nodal marginal zone/no*IIEYes(4) CHOP
(5) Pulmonary MALT-type/yes*IVYes(5) CHOP
(6) Salivary gland MALT-type/yes*IVYes(6) CHOP

Seror, 2007#5(1) Salivary gland MALT-type/no#IENo(1) No
(2) Nodal marginal zone/yesIVYes(2) No
(3) Gastric/pulmonary MALT-type/noIVYes(3) Mini-CHOP
(4) Gastric MALT-type/no#IEYes(4) HQ
(5) DLBCL/noIIIYes(5) CHOP

Quartuccio, 2008°1Parotid gland MALT-type/no°IENoHigh-dose steroids

Carbone J, 20081Low-grade marginal zone/yesIVYesCVP

Present report°4Parotid gland MALT-type/no°IENoHigh-dose steroids
Lung MALT-type /noIEYesNo
DLBCL + salivary MALT-type/noIVYesCNOP
Parotid gland MALT-type/yesIVYesParotidectomy

Legend: pts, patients; MALT, mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue; CHOP, cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin, vincristine, prednisone; AZA, azathioprine; PDN, prednisone; MTX, methotrexate; MP, methylprednisolone; DLBCL, diffuse large B-cell lymphoma; HQ, hydroxychloroquine.
There is some patients’ overlapping between the cases reported in Voulgarelis, 2004 and Voulgarelis, 2006.
#There is some patients’ overlapping between the cases reported in Gottenberg, 2005 and Seror, 2007.
°There is some patients’ overlapping between the cases reported in Quartuccio, 2008 and present report.

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