Figure 4: Representative H&E stained histological pancreatic sections of the pancreases (a) and histopathological pancreas scores (b) in poly I:C-treated MRL/Mp mice at the age of 18–20 weeks, poly I:C-treated BALB/c mice at the age of 18 weeks, and poly I:C-treated C57BL/6 mice at the age of 18 weeks. In MRL/Mp mice, representative pancreatic tissue showed almost all pancreatic tissue, except pancreatic islets, destroyed or replaced with fibrosis or adipose tissue (grade 4). In BALB/c mice, there was no significant change (grade 0). In C57BL/6 mice, pancreatic tissue showed mononuclear cell aggregation and infiltration within the interstitium without any parenchymal destruction (grade 1). ×100 magnification (large panel), ×400(inset). Data are expressed as .