International Journal of Rheumatology / 2013 / Article / Tab 5

Clinical Study

Validation of a Prediction Rule for the Diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis in Patients with Recent Onset Undifferentiated Arthritis

Table 5

Cost effectiveness ratio for complete van der Helm-van Mil prediction score, score without anti-CCP, score without RF, and score without anti-CCP and without RF.

Diagnostic scoreCost on 100 patients (US dollars)Number of patients correctly diagnosedIncremental costIncremental number of correctly diagnosedICER

vHvM without RF and without anti-CCP (cut off score >5.66)118061
vHvM adding RF (without anti-CCP) (cut off score >6)138064200450
vHvM adding anti-CCP (without RF) (cut off score >6.7)738079620018344
complete vHvM (with anti-CCP and RF) (cut off score >6.94)758080640019337

vHvM: van der Helm-van Mil prediction score; RF: rheumatoid factor; ICER: incremental cost effectiveness ratio.