International Journal of Reconfigurable Computing / 2010 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Power Characterisation for Fine-Grain Reconfigurable Fabrics

Table 1

Comparison of devices and low-power features.

Device manufacturer Xilinx Lattice Actel Silicon Blue

Device Name Spartan-3A, Mach XO IGLOO iCE65
Device size [LUTs] 1.6 k–53 k 256–2.3 k 192–36 k (*) 1.8 k–17 k
Low-power feature Suspend mode Sleep mode Flash freeze iCEgate
Wake-up time [ ] 100–500 1000 1 Instant
Retain state Yes No Yes Yes

(*) device does not provide LUT/FF pairs like all other devices, reconfigurable tiles can be used as LUT or FF.