(1) while do
(2)  DRFI is integrated fault detection, isolation, and recovery technique thereby keeping the system online during these phases.
  Select CUT by using the fitness and throughput heuristic
(3)  Select two configurations from the configurations pool Designate the CUT as active configuration, and RS as slack. Then,
   the pair under test is given by: CUT, RS}
(4)  Perform concurrent comparison to the same inputs for various edges of the graph represented by connectivity matrix
   given in (1)
(5)  DRFI employs error information between the outputs of two distinct reconfigurations as compared to Algorithms 1 and 2
   which solely rely on a binary decision on the presumed fitness of configurations under test
  Compute the Syndrome matrix employing the distance information between two reconfigurations using (8)
(6)  Update the weight adjacency matrix based upon comparisons outcome during an evaluation interval using (9)
(7)  Build the Circuit Similarity Graph from and
(8)  Use PageRank Algorithm to rank the configuration pool according to the fitness assessment.
(9) end while
Algorithm 3: DRFI algorithm of ranking the functional configurations.