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From FPGA to Support Cloud to Cloud of FPGA: State of the Art

Table 4

Summary of the FPGA platform as a service.

WorksApplication1Scalability of the cloud2Heterogeneity3Scalability of FPGA designs4Multitenancy5Sharing time6Solved challenges7

Soares et al. [59]EducationNo1No (Intel Cyclone II)NoNoNoC3
FPGA device (D7)
Morgan et al. [6062]EducationYes2No (limited to one Xilinx Zynq SoCs and one Intel CycloneV SoC)YesNoYesC3
Machidon et al. [66]EducationUnknown limitYesYesNoYesC3
FPGA platform selection (D7)
Machidon et al. [67]EducationNo1No (just one Xilinx Spartan 3E)YesNoYes
Zebu platform [68]Industrial (emulation application)Yes (limited to 64 maximum)No (limited to Xilinx Virtex series)YesNoYesC3
FPGA platform selection (D7)
HAPS platform [69]Industrial (emulation application)Yes (limited to 64 maximum)No (limited to Xilinx Ultrascale series)YesNoYesC3
FPGA platform selection (D8)
Microsoft [72]IndustrialYesYes (Intel Arria and Stratix Xilinx)YesYesC3
FPGA platform selection (D8)
Amazon [71]IndustrialYes (one to eight)No (limited to Xilinx Virtex UltraScale + VU9P or VU13P)YesYesYesC3
FPGA platform selection (D8)
Alibaba [73]IndustrialYesYes (Intel Arria and Xilinx Ultrascale familties)Yes (F1,2,3 instances FPGA)YesYesC3
FPGA platform selection (D8)

1Application: referring to the target type of application, either academic or industry. 2Scalability of the cloud: referring to adding or removing FPGAs in the cloud. 3Heterogeneity: ability to use different types of FPGA in a same cloud. 4Scalability of FPGA designs: ability of a hardware designer to target the designs to a multi-FPGA platform. 5Multitenancy: ability of an FPGA to be used by multiple different hardware designers. 6Sharing time: ability of application designers to execute their designs in different FPGAs in the same time. 7Solved challenge; indicates that the challenge is not fully solved and solved difficulties are listed.

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