Table 1: Boundary conditions for the FSI model as shown in Figure 2.

Boundary Description

InletInlet velocity = [44.38i − 61.08j + 0k] m/s, in which i, j, and k are the unit vectors for , and coordinates as shown in Figure 3.
OutletAverage relative static pressure = 0.
Casing surfaceNonslip wall
Hub Nonslip wall
Stator bladeNonslip wall
Rotor bladeNonslip wall with forced vibration added to represent the response to forces from the periodic traversing of high and low pressure regions from the preceding stator blade row. The displacement of the rotor blade is presented as a sinusoidal displacement as a function of time and position in the z-direction as follows:
in which there are 40 stator blades, = 1.2868 s is a phase offset calculated from the applied pressure, and = 0.1 m is the radius of the hub
The two sides of the wedgeDefined using rotational periodicity
The interface between the two domainsDefined as transient rotor stator [13]