International Journal of Rotating Machinery / 2013 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Application of a Fault Detection and Isolation System on a Rotary Machine

Table 1

Considered process variables.

Tag nameDescription

FYI_89735N2 mass flow through the BLNC first section
FV_89700Positioner of the Inlet Guide Vanes (IGV) relative to the first and second stages of BLNC
ZT_89700Feedback of IGV position relative to the BLNC first and second stages
PV_89750Measurement of the vent position at the entrance of first section of BLNC
FYA_89710AN2 mass flow through the second section of BLNC
FV_89704Positioner of the IGV relative to the third stage of BLNC
ZT_89704Feedback of IGV position relative to the third stage of BLNC
FV_89751AThrottle valve position relative to inlet high pressure nitrogen gas (HNG)
FYA_89751N2 mass flow at the head of the high pressure column