Clinical Study

Clinical Effects of a Natural Extract of Urinary Human Menopausal Gonadotrophin in Normogonadotropic Infertile Patients

Table 2

The stimulation and response details.

ParametersrFSH ( )rFSH/HMG ( )

LH on stimulation day 6–8 (IU/L)0.98 (±0.24)1.07 (±0.26)NS
E2 on stimulation day 6–8 (pg/mL)979.20 (±863.65)804.13 (±736.54)NS
Duration of stimulation (days)11.46 (±2.24)11.47 (±2.32)NS
Total dose of gonadotrophins (IU)2280.36 (±772.15)2072.47 (±613.20)NS
E2 on HCG (pg/mL)1999.10 (±863.50)2883.29 (±1427.38)0.000
LH on HCG (IU/L)1.17 (±0.61)1.49 (±0.88)NS
Number of oocytes retrieved11.55 (±5.33)13.68 (±5.42)NS

Values are mean ± SEM.