Clinical Study

Body Mass Index and Pregnancy Outcome after Assisted Reproduction Treatment

Table 3

Positive pregnancy outcome associated with body mass index (kg/m2) by age groups, infertility type, and number of embryo transfer (ET).

Studied factorBody mass index (BMI) kg/m2 -interaction
<25 25–<30≥30
OR95% CIOR95% CIOR95% CI

Age groups
 <27 years1.000.300.10–0.850.230.05–1.000.46
 27–33 years1.001.020.50–1.950.950.30–2.45
 >33 years1.000.200.10–0.980.300.15–1.30

Type of infertility
 Secondary 1.000.450.05–2.850.500.10–3.65

Number of ET*
 One ET1.000.200.05–1.900.33
 Two ET1.000.500.12–2.560.450.10–2.89
 Three and more ET1.001.600.74–4.680.980.20–3.89

Number of embryo transfer.