International Journal of Reproductive Medicine / 2018 / Article / Tab 3

Research Article

The Prevalence of Traditional Malpractice during Pregnancy, Child Birth, and Postnatal Period among Women of Childbearing Age in Meshenti Town, 2016

Table 3

Traditional malpractice during delivery in Meshenti town, 2016.

Variables FrequencyPercent (%)

Traditional malpractice
 Abdominal massage
 Uterine massage
 Abdominal and uterine massage
Place of delivery
 Health facility20670.3
Total 293100
Method used to expel placenta
 Uterine massage1112.6
Total 87100
Instrument used to cut cord
 Boiled new blade1416.1
 Unboiled new blade6675.9
 Unclean blade used before66.9
 Boiled blade used before11.1
Umbilical cord tied
Total 87100
Material used to tie umbilical cord
 Boiled thread7184.5
 Unboiled thread1011.9
Total 84100