International Journal of Spectroscopy / 2011 / Article / Fig 29

Review Article

Spectroscopy Methods and Applications of the Tor Vergata Laser-Plasma Facility Driven by GW-Level Laser System

Figure 29

Digital microradiographies of Viola tricolor leaves with increasing doping: control (no contamination, two top left images), doping for 24 hours (two bottom right images), doping for 4 hours the remaining. The radiographic images, recorded by CCD camera (1 s exposure time, −50°C cooling temperature) with a 5 keV maximum energy of the emitted soft X-rays, have been obtained by the TVLPS illuminating a Cu rotating tape target with a laser energy of 9 J. A different darkness due to a diverse X-ray absorption is clearly visible, and it is an evidence of the various doping levels on Viola tricolor leaves.