International Journal of Spectroscopy / 2011 / Article / Tab 2

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Spectroscopy Methods and Applications of the Tor Vergata Laser-Plasma Facility Driven by GW-Level Laser System

Table 2

Main features of the spectrometer based on mica spherical crystal usually employed in our spectroscopy experiments. Note that the acronym FSSR means focusing spectrometer with 1D or 2D spatial resolution.

Specifications of spherically bent mica crystal spectrometer

Spectrometer model FSSR-JG-100
Crystal lattice spacing (2d) 19.9149 Å
Crystal curvature radius
Crystal length
Crystal width
Bragg angle at the center of the crystal 50°
Maximum spatial resolution (10–20) μm (limited by the pixel or film grain sizes)
Spectral resolution about4 mÅ, that is Δλ/λ≅3·10−4⇒λλ 3333
Spectral rangeup to