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Ionic Liquids: Fundamentals to Applications through Spectroscopic Studies

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Ionic liquids (ILs) have recently immerged as whole new materials, much of which are yet to be discovered or understood using spectroscopic techniques. Therefore, spectroscopic studies of ILs are very important. It has been in focus of intense research over the last 20 years because of their remarkable potential for various applications. Due to the presence of various interactions (Coulombic, van der Waals, and hydrogen bonding), it is possible to tune the properties of IL by the choice of the cation and anion (i.e., designer materials) to study the interaction; again we need spectroscopy, for example, Single Crystal XRD, and Raman spectroscopy for understanding interactions. It is now under intense investigation that these multiple interactions might induce the microheterogeneity or nanostructuredness in IL in liquid state. Spectroscopy is probably only technique to study the microheterogeneity. Possible existence of microscopic structural heterogeneity in pure ionic liquids has also been suggested from theoretical spectroscopic studies. It is believed that, as a major consequence of their microscopic heterogeneity, ILs often show unique properties compared to their molecular liquid analogues.

Potential topics include but are not limited to the following:

  • Design, synthesis, characterization, and purification of ionic liquids using spectroscopic techniques
  • Structural studies of ionic liquids using spectroscopic techniques
  • Dynamics of ionic liquids in solution using spectroscopic techniques
  • Phase behavior and thermodynamics of ionic liquids
  • Ionic liquids at interface using spectroscopic techniques such as SHG technique to study the structural arrangement at interface
  • Application of ionic liquids in organic synthesis, electrochemistry, and so on
  • Theoretical studies of ionic liquid system for electronic structure, prediction of physical properties, modelling of ionic liquid structures in liquid state microheterogeneity in ionic liquids using spectroscopic techniques

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Publication DateOctober 2018

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