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Journal of Applied Mathematics and Stochastic Analysis
Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 287-288

Mathtype, Version 3.0

Department of Computer Science, Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne 32901, FL, USA

Received 1 April 1993; Revised 1 July 1993

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MathType is a mathematical equation editor in the Windows 3.1 environment. It lets you build up any kind of mathematical expression by using simple point-and-click techniques and then insert them into any Windows 3.1 compatible word processor; for instance, Word Perfect 5.1/5.2 for Windows, Word 2.0 for Windows, and AMI Pro 3.0 for Windows. An expression designed by MathType can be transferred into a word processor by using standard Cut and Paste commands or by using Object Linking and Embedding techniques.