Table 2: Main series of minimal invasive partial nephrectomy (laparoscopic or/and robot assisted laparoscopic method).

Method Gill et al. [28, 29] Benway et al. [30] Dulabon et al. [31] Long et al. [32]

99 0304 0607 08HilarnonhilarComplex tumors (RENAL score >7)
Size (cm)
OP Time (minutes)202235250210195187241197
EBL (mL)242245373132262208325280
WIT (minutes)31.931.614.123.926.319.623.222.4
Transfusion 14.1%8.7%15.3%1%2.4%4.2%14.3%12.1%

LPN: laparoscopic partial nephrectomy; RPN: robot assisted laparoscopic partial nephrectomy; OP time: operative time; EBL: estimated blood loss; WIT: warm ischemia time; RENAL nephrometry score: to quantify the anatomical characteristics of renal masses on computerized tomography or magnetic resonance imaging.