International Journal of Surgical Oncology / 2012 / Article / Tab 1

Review Article

Optimizing Surgical Margins in Breast Conservation

Table 1

Oncoplastic surgery and margin involvement, local recurrence rates, and survival rates.

AuthorYearNumber of patientsWeight (g)/volume of specimenClose/involved
Local recurrence rateSurvival rateMedian followup

Clough et al. [15]20031012229.4%95.7%44
Kaur et al. [16]20053020016%
Rietjens et al. [17]20071481982.02%3%92.47%74
Giacalone et al. [18] 20063119021%
Meretoja et al. [19]20109012.2%0%26
Fitoussi et al. [20]2010540187.718.9%6.8%92.6%49
Chakravorty et al. [21]201214667 (11–1050)2.7%4.3%28