International Journal of Surgical Oncology / 2012 / Article / Tab 2

Clinical Study

Prolonged Therapy with Imatinib Mesylate before Surgery for Advanced Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor Results of a Phase II Trial

Table 2

Response to neoadjuvant imatinib (NAI).

PatientTumour siteLargest tumour diameter Before NAI (cm)Largest tumour diameter After NAI (cm)Change in tumour size
Duration of NAI (months) and final dosage of imatinib (mg)RECIST response

1Rectum 2.52.2−12.012 (600)SDi
2Stomach8.35.9−28.912 (600)PRii
3Stomach41.5−62.56 (400)PR
4Duodenum136.4−50.812 (400)PR
5Stomach16.57−57.612 (400)PR
6Stomach8.73.5−59.812 (400)PR
7Stomach17.320.216.812 (600)SD
8Stomach9.1109.92 (600)SD
9Liver1.71.3−23.54 (600)SD
10Oesophagus9.25.6−39.112 (400)PR
11Duodenum2.82.3−17.912 (400)SD
12Stomach4.33.2−25.612 (600)SD
13Stomach293417.22.4 (600)SD
14Stomach5.64.5−19.66 (400)SD


iSD: stable disease (less than 30% reduction or 20% increase in largest diameter).
iiPR: partial response (30% reduction or more in largest diameter).
iiiM: mean.