Review Article

Oncologic Safety of Skin-Sparing and Nipple-Sparing Mastectomy: A Discussion and Review of the Literature

Table 3

Rate of NAC loss following NSM.

AuthorYearNumber of PtsNA complex lossIncision

Petit et al. [16]2003273.7% total, 7.4% partial
Gerber et al. [17]20031120% total, 9.8% partial
Crowe et al. [18]2004540% total, 6% partialMedial led to all 3 losses (6%), then used lateral
Petit et al. [19]20061064.7% total, 10.4% partialEllipse overlying previous biopsy site
Caruso et al. [20]200650 0.02% total
Sacchini et al. [21]20061924.7% >2/3 area loss, 11.45% partialPrimarily PA* with lateral extension
Crowe et al. [22]20081490.67% total, 1.3% partialLateral
Regolo et al. [23]200810260% in first 32 (periareolar incision), 2.8% NAC complication rate thereafterPrimarily PA, then lateral
Wijayanayagam et al. [24]2008645% total, 16% partial97% NA survival in radial, if PA > 1/3 NA circumference blood supply compromised
Stolier et al. [25]2008820%6 o’clock radial
Sookhan et al. [26]2008180% total, 10% partialInframammary
Petit et al. [27]200910013.5% total, 5.5% partialOverlying previous biopsy
Paepke et al. [28]2009961%Primarily PA, second inframammary
De Alcantara Filho et al. [29]201135319.5% partial, 3.3% required surgery