Review Article

Oncologic Safety of Skin-Sparing and Nipple-Sparing Mastectomy: A Discussion and Review of the Literature

Table 4

Local and nipple areolar complex recurrence after nipple-sparing mastectomy.

AuthorStudy designNumber of PtsLRNAC recurrenceMedian followup (months)

Gerber et al. [17]Prospective1125.4% NSM, 8.2% MRM ( )0.9%59
Petit et al. [16]Prospective270.00%06
Caruso et al. [20]Prospective502%2%66
Sacchini et al. [21]Retrospective1923%024.6
Petit et al. [19]Prospective1061%013
Benediktsson and Perbeck [73]Prospective21620.8%0156
Regolo et al. [23]Retrospective1020016
Petit et al. [27]Prospective5792.40%019
Crowe et al. [22]Prospective1491.30%041
Sookhan et al. [26]Retrospective180010.8
Voltura et al. [30]Retrospective515.9018
Garwood et al. [31]Prospective1020.6%013
Gerber et al. [74]Prospective112*11.7% NSM, 10.4% SSM, 11.5% MRM ( )0.9%101
Garcia-Etienne et al. [32]Retrospective42 NSM0010
Paepke et al. [28]Retrospective962%034
De Alcantara Filho et al. [29]Prospective3530010.4
Petit et al. [75]Prospective9344%1.18%50