Table 2: Study characteristics.

First author Sample sizeAgeGender (M/F)InterventionComparatorPrimary outcomeFollow-up Morbidity

Keck17114968 (35–86)66 (29–87)95/7693/56PGPJClinically relevant POPF, grade B or C12 monthsN/A

Grendar485063.6 ± 13.168.1 ± 10.720/2829/21PGPJRate of pancreatic anastomotic leak/fistulaN/A2924

El Nakeeb454558 (12–73)54 (15–73)23/2227/18PGIsolated Roux loop pancreaticojejunostomyRate of POPF12 months1714

Figueras655867 (35–80)65.5 (42–80)44/2137/21PGPJRate of POPF6 months4138

Topal16216767.0 (60.6–73.5)66.1 (59.4–74.6)100/6291/76PGPJClinically relevant POPF, grade B or C2 months10099

Wellner595767 (34–84)64 (23–81)27/3229/28PGPJClinically relevant POPF, grade B or C90 daysN/A

Fernàndez-Cruz535563 ± 1363 ± 1429/2438/17PG with gastric partitionPJRate of POPFN/A1224

Bassi698259.3 (58.2–60.4)55.5 (54.5–56.6)44/2535/33PGPJRate of POPFN/A2032

Duffas816858.2 ± 1158.6 ± 1251/3035/33PGPJRate of one or more postoperative IACs30 days3732

Yeo737261.5 ± 1.762.4 ± 1.433/4038/34PGPJRate of POPFN/A3631