Research Article

Telemedicine Facilitates CHF Home Health Care for Those with Systolic Dysfunction

Table 1

Selection criteria.

Inclusion criteriaExclusion criteria

Documented CHF due to systolic dysfunction CHF was caused by diastolic dysfunction
Is on renal dialysis
CHF with a New York heart classification (NYHC) of II–IV Has dementia or another uncontrolled psychiatric disorder that can interfere with his/her ability to participate
Documented EF (ejection fraction) <40% by echo, nuclear medicine, or CCL within 6 months of enrollment Anticipated survival from a non-CHF cause is less than 6 months
Can read and speak English Participated in another heart failure research protocol within the previous 6 months
Has an active phone line in his/her home Currently receives home health nursing services
Has had a heart transplant
Is able to give his/her own informed consent If pregnant or of child-bearing age and is trying to become pregnant
Lives at home; is 18 years or older Is blind, unable to use his/her upper extremities, or has any physical condition that may inhibit him/her from viewing and/or using a computer screen