Research Article

Telemedicine Facilitates CHF Home Health Care for Those with Systolic Dysfunction

Table 4

Facilitation of self-care correlates.

VariablesSpearman's rho

Helped take better care of selfLiked unit in home0.752
Will help take care of self in the future0.887
Better understand condition0.665
Recommend telemedicine unit0.795
Taking medications daily0.827
Important symptoms0.760
Use unit again0.751

Will help take care of self in the futureLiked unit in home0.911
Better understand condition0.854
Recommend telemedicine unit0.924
Limit salt0.712
Taking medications daily0.934
Important symptoms0.753
Call to seek help0.739
Stay healthier0.753
Use unit again0.777

Better understand conditionLiked unit in home0.722
Recommend telemedicine unit0.928
Limit salt0.762
Taking medications daily0.925
Important symptoms0.622
Call to seek help0.868
Stay healthier0.870
Use unit again0.707