Table 1

PathologyProtocolChair(wo)manStarting date

French protocols using telemedecine for mandatory morphological consensus whorkshop (needed for inclusion)

Chronic lymphocytic leukemiasGOELAMS LLC 98JF Lesesve (Nancy) and R Garand (Nantes)Sept-1999 (achieved)
Acute myeloblastic leukemias (adults)GOELAMS 3S Daliphard (Reims) and V Leymarie (Strasbourg)March-2002 (achieved)
Acute myeloblastic leukemias (adults)LAM-SA 2002P Mossuz (Grenoble)April-2004 (in progress)
Acute myeloblastic leukemias (pediatric)ELAM02O Fenneteau (Paris Robert Debré)March-2005 (in progress)

French morphological data banks using telemedecine

MyelomasIFMM Zandecki (Angers)2000 (achieved)
Acute myeloblastic leukemiasMatchslideG Flandrin (Paris Necker)01/11/2001 (achieved)
Red blood cellsTeleslideG Flandrin (Paris Necker), JF Lesesve (Nancy),01/09/2003 (achieved)
O Fenneteau (Paris R Debré), T Cynober (Kremlin Bicêtre)
Myelodysplastic syndromesGFMDSF Picard (Paris Cochin)Dec-04 (in progress)

French morphological quality-control tests

All topicsMedecin'imageJX Corberand (Toulouse)
All topicsCollège des Hopitaux Généraux/teleslideD Lusina, JM Martelli (Aulnay sous bois)January-2003 (in progress)

Forum whorkshops (congresses of the “Groupe Français d'Hématologie Cellulaire”) open to discussion

Myeloproliferative diseasesCongress GFHC SMP2005, Nantes R Garand (Nantes)2005.05.17
B-cell lymphoproliferative syndromesCongress GFHC SLP2007, LyonR Garand (Nantes)2007.05.22
Acute leukemias and myelodysplastic syndromesMeeting GFHC, ParisS Daliphard (Reims)2006.11.09
Thrombopenia et thombopathies (excluding malignancies)Meeting GFHC, ParisS Daliphard (Reims)2007.11.28