Table 2: Closed-ended interview results: statistics describing the number and experience of physicians, patient throughput, years of experience using an EMR, computer skills, and clinic size.

Interview factor Average Range

Years in practice 20 years10 to 33 years
Number of physicians practicing in clinic 31 to 6
Number of nonphysician clinicians in practice 1.750 to 8
Number of support staff in clinic 2.51 to 4
Target number of patients to be seen in a day 32.520 to 40
Target patient interview duration 8.4 minutes7.5 to 15 minutes
Number of years owned an EMR 4 years0 to 10 years
Personal rating of computer skills (range: 1 to 5) 3.252 to 4
Overall EMR satisfaction rating (range: 1 to 5) 2.92 to 4.5