Table 1: Summary of important symbols used.


Slice index
ROI index
Frame index
Length of slice in ROI frame
Average slice length
Max slice length
Number of ROIs
Number of frames per GOP
Number of slices in ROI in frame
Number of pixels in ROI in frame
Quantization parameter(s) for slice ROI frame
Service class
Generic probability of packet loss
Residual probability of packet loss after RS coding
Probability of packet loss for service class
Generic mean error burst length (in packets)
Transition prob. (Gilbert model)
Transition prob. (Gilbert model)
Mean error burst length for service class
Encoding bits for slice in ROI frame
RS symbol size
RS code block length (in -ary symbols)
RS data block size (in -ary symbols)
RS code rate
RS code rate for service class
Transmission rate for service class
Transmission time per frame
Luminance of pixel in original frame
Luminance of pixel in received frame