Table 3: Perceived benefits of Tile-Ippokratis services.

Type of users

ScenarioHome careGood alternative for avoiding frequent visits to the hospital
Long term-appreciation of patient’s situation—useful in cases of emergency
Shifting of the location of care, out of hospitals
Increased sense of safety
Avoidance of unnecessary visits to the hospital
Increased sense of “always connected” with their doctors
Rural health centerSense of “team” work between remote located medical personnel
Time savings from patients’ transportation to Skylitsio General Hospital and other large hospitals
Increased sense of safety because of the second opinion choice
Low-cost ehealth services. One ehealth system for many patients
Ensuring continuity of healthcare and patient followups
Larger number of patients own their electronic personal record
Increased positive attitude against ICT technologies
Promotion of behavioural modification, goal setting, prevention rather than treatment and adjusting to living with a chronic disease improving patients' feeling of safety
Assist patients to self-manage their chronic condition and enhance supportive measures to promote self-management in the long term