Table 3: Consultation time intervals.

Time IntervalVN-NP Telemedicine Algorithm (mean and standard deviation, minutes)

Onset to Door
Onset to Call
Onset to Lab
Onset to Decision
Onset to rt-PA
Door to Call
Door to Consent
Door to Lab
Door to Neuro Exam
Door to CT Reading
Door to Decision
Call to Consent
Call to Neuro Exam
Call to Decision
Consent to Neuro Exam
Consent to Decision
Consent to rt-PA
Decision to rt-PA

Definitions: Onset:stroke symptom onset time or the time the subject was last known to be at baseline state; Door:emergency department triage time; Lab:time lab results reviewed; Decision:time that thrombolysis eligibility was determined; rt-PA:time of IV rt-PA administration; Consent:time of subject or representative written consent; Neuro Exam:time that the NIHSS evaluation started; CT Reading:time that CT was interpreted.