International Journal of Telemedicine and Applications / 2015 / Article / Tab 6

Research Article

Willingness to Adopt Telemedicine in Major Iraqi Hospitals: A Pilot Study

Table 6

Part 4: technological characteristic.

Strongly disagree DisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly agree

Con1: the connectivity is important for healthcare delivery.
Con2: physicians have to be connected to the Internet.
Con3: physicians have to be connected to patients.
ITc1: our healthcare requires information system applications.
ITc2: our healthcare requires good ICT infrastructure.
ITc3: telemedicine requires basic IT skills.
Compat1: physician ICT is different from patient ICT.
Compat2: telemedicine does not contrast with healthcare needs.
Compat3: different telemedicine applications will not affect the efficiency.
DWc1: we should keep patient health record perpetually.
DWc2: there are needs of patient health record to have statistic.
DWc3: we should store our patient’s record in a common database to make them accessible.