Research Article

On Using a Mobile Application to Support Teledermatology: A Case Study in an Underprivileged Area in Colombia

Table 1

The parameters that the application takes into account to describe dermatologic lesions.

ParameterPossible values

Birth dateā€”
SexFemale, male
Phototype (Fitzpatrick scale)Phototype I, phototype II, phototype III, phototype IV, phototype V, phototype VI
Lesion typeAtrophic, cyst, macule, nodule, patch, plaque, pustule, ulcer, vesicle
ShapeAnnular, circinate, dome-shaped, ragged, oval, pedunculated, rounded, umbilicated
Lesion numberDisseminated, multiple, recurrent, solitary
Lesion distributionAsymmetrical, confluent, scattered, symmetrical
Affected areasAbdomen, genital, arm, dorsal, buttocks, chest, foot, hand, ears, face, finger, hand, nail, finger, head, leg, neck, palmar, hair, plantar, finger, foot, nail
BorderPoorly demarcated, well demarcated
Appearance dateā€”
SymptomsAlopecia, blanching, desquamation, pain, edema, eruption, excoriation, exfoliation, hemorrhage, pigmentation, pruritus, fever, facial paralysis, weight loss, systemic symptoms
PastAnemia, arthritis, malnutrition, diabetes, epileptic, hypertension, hypotension, myocarditis, neuropathy