Table 2: FDA-approved devices for secondary intervention after EVAR.

DeviceCT measurement methodDelivery sheath requiredMinimum access diameter for main bodyTreatable aortic neck diameterMinimum aortic length to bifurcationMinimum aortic neck lengthMaximum aortic angulation (1)Suprarenal fixationTreatable iliac diameterMinimum iliac seal zone

Cook Renu ConverterOuter diameterNo22–26 mm graft = 7.1 mm
28–32 mm graft = 7.7 mm
36 mm graft = 8.5 mm
18–32 mm (2)22–32 mm graft = 82 mm
36 mm graft = 95 mm
15 mm (3)<60 degrees,
<45 degrees (4)
Mandatory7.5–20 mm10 mm

Medtronic TalentOuter diameterNo22–28 mm graft = 7 mm
30–36 mm graft = 8 mm
18–32 mm80 mm10 mm<60 degreesAvailable8–22 mm25 mm

(1)Angulation of neck relative to long axis of aorta.
(2)New graft must be oversized 2 mm if placed within a preexisting graft.
(3)Neck must be ≥10 mm if new graft is placed within a preexisting graft.
(4)Angulation of suprarenal stents relative to long axis of aorta.