Clinical Study

Wound Morphology and Topography in the Diabetic Foot: Hurdles in Implementing Angiosome-Guided Revascularization

Figure 3

Examples of wounds with ambiguous angiosome categorization. (a), (b), (c), (e) Circumferential necrosis, wounds located at the tip or interdigital webspace, and nonhealing amputation sites do not allow differentiation between angiosomes derived from the anterior and posterior tibial artery. (d) Territories such as the achilles tendon are not equivocally associated with a particular angiosome. (f), (g) Wounds that extend into an adjacent angiosome, or lie on the verge of two angiosomes. (h), (i) Two pictures of the same foot showing multiple wounds (dorsal, medial malleolar, and heel) residing in different angiosomes.