International Journal of Vehicular Technology / 2011 / Article / Tab 2

Research Article

Road Users' Risky Behavior: Analysis Focusing on Aggressiveness

Table 2

The “average” annoying traffic situations according to the average value.

Traffic situationAverage value

(11)Cyclist is cycling in the middle of the lane and slowing the traffic2.85
(16)Someone is overtaking or turning without signalization with indicator2.76
(18)Someone in the opposite direction does not dim his/her lights2.72
(2)Slow vehicle in a mountainous road range does not move to the roadside and holds back other faster vehicles2.66
(13)Truck smudges your windscreen when it is overtaking you2.62
(9)Someone made inappropriate gestures to you because of your style of driving2.60
(24)If a vehicle blocks the intersection2.55
(8)You are waiting in traffic jam longer than 10 minutes2.51
(10)Someone hoots at you because of your driving style2.51
(19)Someone drives very slowly in the fast left lane and you want to overtake2.47
(1)Someone in front you changes lane and it takes longer than 5 minutes2.46
(20)Someone is overtaking in the wrong lane on the highway2.38
(25)Someone parks his/her car out of reserved parking place2.35
(5)You go through radar speed trap2.33
(4)Someone crosses through the intersection on the red light and threatens you2.27
(7)Someone is parking his/her vehicle slowly and is delaying traffic2.10
(22)Someone drives very hesitantly and slowly2.10
(21)Someone uses phones behind steering wheel without the “handsfree” device and threatens you2.01