Table 2: Primary goals of citizen science projects (adapted and modified from Wiggins and Crowston [1]).

ProjectURLPrimary goalDescription

Globe at Night about light pollution with use of mobile phone or Web cam and internet connection.
Fossil Finders about Devonian Fossils through authentic inquiry-based investigation.
Bird Sleuth about birds through inquiry-based investigation.
Missouri Stream Team Projecthttp://www.mostreamteam.orgConservationPromotes the formation of “stream teams” which monitor streams in their area.
What’s Invasive invasive plants.
Shermans Creek Conservation Association to oppose the building of a power plant on local land, they now monitor the area and have regular talks.
ReClam the Bay environmental involvement by growing and maintaining baby clams and oysters to stock their local bay.
* Whale FM participants to listen to and classify whale song.
* Galaxy Zoo participants to classify images of galaxies.
Pathfinder online environment for citizen scientists.
Foldit human superiority at protein folding.

* Part of Zooniverse— —citizen science hub for virtual citizen science projects exploiting the human ability to spot patterns and classify data where traditional statistical analysis struggles.