International Journal of Zoology / 2014 / Article / Tab 2

Research Article

The Diet and Sexual Differences of the Caspian Bent-Toed Gecko, Tenuidactylus caspius (Squamata: Gekkonidae), in Northern Iran

Table 2

The number of prey items identified in the stomachs of males and females of T. caspius.

OrderFamilyScientific nameNumbers of prey items
Males ()Females ()

DipteraCulicidaeCulex pipiens 810
MuscidaeMusca domestica 65

LepidopteraNoctuidaePlusia gamma (Autographa gamma) 21
NoctuidaePseudaletia unipunctata 11
PyralidaeChilo suppressalis 11

OrthopteraGryllidaeGryllus desertus 11
GryllidaeGryllus domesticus 11

BlattariaBlattidaePeriplaneta americana 11

HemipteraCicadellidaeCicadella viridis 11

HymenopteraFormicidaeCataglyphis nodus 11
Camponotus sp.21
Tetramorium sp.23
Crematogaster sp.22
Messor sp.22
Monomorium kusnezov 22

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