International Journal of Zoology / 2015 / Article / Fig 11

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Larval Development of the European Lobster and How Small Heterochronic Shifts Lead to a More Pronounced Metamorphosis

Figure 11

Tailfan of larval stages (II) to (IV) and variability of stage (IV) of Homarus gammarus. (II) Tailfan in ventral (left) and dorsal (right) view; note initial uropods visible through the cuticle. (III) Tailfan in dorsal view. (IV) Tailfan in ventral/anterior view (left) and dorsal/posterior view (right). Note the joint within the exopod paddle (diaresis) marked by arrow. (IV) Overview in lateral view; close-up on antenna which is significantly shorter than in the specimen in Figure 1; close-up on proximal region of thoracopods with a still quite long exopod remain. ba = basipod; en = endopod; ex = exopod; iu = initial uropod; ms = median spine; te = telson.