Figure 4: Relationship between p94 antigenic band and MEI with neurological manifestations. A two-dimensional principal component analysis (PCA) of all MEI with neurological manifestations (termed cerebral malaria-CM) aged from 1 to 30 years was evaluated. The biplot of the data (PC 1 = -axis versus PC 2 = -axis) displays the correlation between the expression of the discriminatory bands (shown as lines) and the age group of CM patients (in italics for 1–5 years; in bold for 6–15 years; in normal characters for 16–30 years). For each patient, data dispersions were represented by the barycentre (). The position of the invidious relative to the three discriminant bands (shown as lines) reveals their relationship. In this view, p94 appears to be the best marker associated with CM aged to 16–30 years.