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Research Article

Avian Influenza Surveillance in the Danube Delta Using Sentinel Geese and Ducks

Table 1

Number and location of real-time RT-PCR influenza A detections among sentinel birds in Romania’s Danube Delta, 2009–2013.

DateCollection siteType of sampleNumber of positive samples/total number of tested samples/year (%)

01/2009Cot CanduraCloacal swabs10/400 (2.5%)
09/2010Cot CanduraCloacal swabs/tracheal swabs20/400 (5%)
10/2011EnisalaCloacal swabs4/400 (1%)
03/2013SaonCloacal swabs/tracheal swabs9/400 (2.25%)
03/2013Cot CanduraCloacal swabs/tracheal swabs4/400 (1%)