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Review Article

Review and Catalog of the Ostracode Family Rutidermatidae (Crustacea: Myodocopa)

Table 9

Summary of characteristics of genera Metaschisma and Scleraner.

Scientific NameMetaschisma nexScleraner trifaxScleraner chacaoi

Shell length, mm1.491.771.961.32
Surface with ribs (r) or smooth (s)srss
Incisur shallow or deep *deep *deep *deep *deep
No. medial br. on rostrum(16–20)151211
(rostral infold)
1st antenna
 no. br. 2nd seg., d-la-v.1–1–11–11—11–1–1
 no. br. 3rd seg., d-v1–11–22—11–2
 no. br. 4th seg., d-v1–32–22–31–2
 no. fil. on sens. br.42Numerous2
 no. fil. on b.-br1030
 no. fil. on c.-br.8350
 no. fil. on g.-br.2222
2nd antenna
 endop. no. br.5555
 endop. no. br. 2nd seg.2122
 endop. no. br. 3rd seg.abs.abs.3abs.
 coxale + or − furcate endite+++
 basale, no. d. br. mid.-dist.3332
 basale, no. thin v. br. *5? *9 *6
 basale, no. stout v. br. *2? *0 *0
 basale, total no. br.7119(6-7)
 ex. absent, present or rud.rud.abs.Presentabs.
 1st end. seg., no. v. br.4333
 2nd end. seg., no. d. br.6767
 2nd end. seg., no. v. br. excl. claw2562
 3rd end. seg., no. br. excl. cl.7464
Maxilla, br. on endites6–5–3?9–6–57–3–4
5th limb
 br. on endites2–2–43–5–73–5–83–4–5
 ex. seg., no. prim. teeth14abs.4
 2nd ex. seg., no. teeth33abs.2
 2nd ex. seg., + or − bi-or
 trifurcate teeth+++
 3rd ex. seg., no. br. each lobe1–23–23–23–2
 4th + 5th segs. no. br.4458
6th limb
 no. epipodial br.2222
 no. br. on 4 endites3–(2-3)–(2-3)–23–2–4–33–2–4–33–3–3–3
 end.-seg., no. br.10(7–8)(7–8)8
7th limb
 no. terminal cleaning br.2–23–32–23–3
 no. prox. cleaning br.2–22–21–11–1
 no. comb-teeth17–09–27–27–2
 no. main claws4334
 no. secondary claws7335
Lateral eyes, + or −+++
Copulatory limbs long or
Specimen No. (# = USNM)# 193930# 193922# 194019ZMH K 27302

abs.: absent; br.: bristles; d: dorsal; dist.: distal; endop.: endopodite; ex.: exopod; fil.: filaments; l: lateral; m.: mature; no.: number; prim.: primary; prox.: proximal; rud.: rudimentary; seg.: segment; sens: sensory; v: ventral, *: Poulsen [10].

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