Research Article

High Salt Intake and Risk of Chronic Bronchitis: The Copenhagen Male Study—A 10-Year Followup

Table 3

Prospective analysis 1976–1986 including only men who in 1976 had no lung symptoms indicating bronchitis, 𝑛 = 2 , 1 8 3 . Self-assessed high salt intake 1976 as a predictor of chronic bronchitis in 1985-86. Variables are ranked according to strength of statistical association with chronic bronchitis following multivariate adjustment in an age-adjusted multiple logistic regression analysis.

Chronic bronchitis in 1985-86
Odds ratio95% CIP

Current smoking 1976 versus not2.61.7–3.8<0.001
Occupational dust (and fumes) exposure 1976 versus not1.91.3–2.8<0.001
High salt intake 1976 versus not1.61.1–2.30.009
Low social class (IV/V) versus higher1.40.96–1.90.08

Excluded from the final model ( 𝑃 > 0 . 1 0 ): alcohol use.