International Scholarly Research Notices / 2011 / Article / Tab 1

Clinical Study

Prognostic Variables and Surgical Management of Foot Melanoma: Review of a 25-Year Institutional Experience

Table 1

A review of the literature on foot melanoma that shows whether cutaneous foot melanoma exclusively, histology, site of origin on the foot, lymph node status, recurrence, overall survival, median followup, and average thickness were reported and analyzed.

StudyFoot onlyHistologySiteLNsRecurrenceSurvivalFollowup (months)Average thickness (mm)

Booher and Pack, 1957 [3]NoNoNoYesWound, regional, distantYes192No
Keyhani, 1977 [17]NoNoNoYesWound, regional, distantYes60No
Magnus, 1977 [18]NoNoNoNoNot assessedYes216No
Feibleman et al., 1980 [12]NoYesNoYesWound, regional, totalNo60No
Sondergaard and Olsen, 1980 [22]NoYesYesYesNot assessedYes120No
Day Jr. et al., 1981 [11]Yes (29)YesNoNoOverall recurrenceNo60No
Hughes et al., 1985 [16]NoYesYesYesWound, in-transit, overallYes<12No
Urist et al., 1985 [24]NoNoNoNoWoundNo120No
Slingluff Jr. et al., 1990 [21]NoNoNoYesWound, regional, distant skin, otherYes622.64
Barnes et al., 1994 [10]NoYesYesYesNot assessedYes72No
Fortin et al., 1995 [13]NoNoYesYesWound, regional, totalYes453.03
Garbe et al., 1995 [14]NoNoNoNoNot assessedYes1202.2
Tseng et al., 1997 [2]NoYesNoYesWound, distantNo67No
Gray et al., 2006 [6]NoYesNoYesWound, regional, distantNo331.75
Nagore et al., 2006 [19]NoYesNoNoNot assessedNoNone1.3
Soudry et al., 2008 [23]NoNoNoYesOverall recurrenceYes533.28
Rex et al., 2009 [20]NoNoNoNoWound, satellite/in-transit, regional, distantYes502.8